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Elicit growth and achieve success with higher number of customers by managing and getting your calls tracked in every pay-per-call campaigns.
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Our platform helps you track, evaluate and manage pay-per-call marketing campaigns. Elicit growth by making investment in affiliates who give best phone leads who convert at minimum cost. You can launch offers, manage lead qualification as well as routing rules and manage well the payouts.

Track, Evaluate and Manage Important Pay-Per-Call Campaigns

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Use call tracking features to boost up your sales & revenue

Call Attribution

Bring-in tangible business results by merging online behavior to offline conversions that assist marketers to optimize complete performance by concentrating marketing efforts on campaigns.

Click-2-Call Tracking

Increase your sales with just a click. Click-2-Call tracking to connect online and offline marketing while boosting up the conversion rates. It enables you to identify and measure calls to your business after an ad click-through occurs.

Conversion Tracking

Identify what's driving phone calls and qualify leads automatically. Scoring your calls while automatically understanding the quality of the calls, analyzing conversions and customer experience.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Amuse your clientele with being more than just a call. Keep a check on your visitor’s journey prior and post calls while showcasing the accurate tracking number to every visitor automatically.

How It Works

Grow your business by getting detailed insights on sources that are driving calls, texts, and form submissions.

Auditcall generates a tracking code for all the pages of your site which does all the work. No need of custom URLs or tags.
Tracking code generated takes up the responsibility of recognizing the channel and geographic location through which clients are driving in.
The correct phone number of the incoming calls are matched to the respective website visitor to let you know the referring URL, search keywords, landing pages, and ads the caller came through.
The original advertising channel for each visitor is precisely marked and remembered by the tracking code showcasing the same tracking number each time they visit your site.

Avail the following benefits by purchasing pay-per-call leads

Call allocation and analytics

Get every call tracked to know about the affiliate who obtained the call, the caller’s details, how long the call was there and finally if there was conversion.

Manage pay-per-call campaigns easily

Let the criteria for purchasing the leads known and the payment you will make and define monthly/weekly/daily limits and routing rules. In addition to this, manage your payouts, check unqualified leads and much more.

Let IVR qualify leads

Authenticate callers through custom IVR systems, get bad calls blocked and get good calls transferred to the appropriate sales agents.

Summary Reports in Real Time

Avail summary reports on how affiliate is influencing profits by knowing about total number of calls, qualified leads and conversion rates.

Maximize Profits

Use AuditCall’s phone call analytics in various other marketing platforms that include bid management and CRM.

Unmatched benefits you get with Call tracking

  • External sharing of call detail reports
  • Extensive phone number tracking and reports
  • Record messages by setting official hours
  • Playing voice message to agents on transfer
  • Receiving calls & text messages to local numbers
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Recording all inbound calls
  • Generating email notifications on successful calls

Do you sell high?

AuditCall Platform for Affiliates

Earn revenue through highly profitable advertisers by giving them the appropriate pay-per-call leads.

AuditCall for Networks

Maximize profits through your highly profitable advertisers by giving them phone leads originating from your best affiliate partners.

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