Call Management

Endow personalized customer experience with upgraded routing and innovative management tools.
Never miss a call with Call Forwarding

Auditcall brings you the Customized Forwarding Patterns where you can manage your calls and direct them to the respective place, swiftly and seamlessly. Set up customized forwarding patterns to your agents exclusively structured as per the schedule, availability, caller demographics, or advertising campaigns. It allows you to route calls to your agents on landlines, mobile phones, or to the browser-based softphone irrespective of place or region. You get comprehensive coverage with reduced complexity and low-cost contact center hardware.

Route your calls sophisticatedly with Call Queues
Enrich your business with the most effective business communication feature - Call Queues.. Endow your calls a sophisticated pattern to ensure that all the calls are assigned to the respective agent promptly. Call Queues comprises groups of agents that officially work on rules to regulate how calls should be routed between these agents based on their availability schedule, weighting, and preferences. Agents can be swapped between answering calls on their landline, mobile, or softphone, as per the location.

Keep a track of all your calls with Call Recording

Call recording provides a number of opportunities like assisting you to coach your staff, qualify leads and much more. Recording sales calls and other business-related calls gives companies a valuable feedback that largely helps the organization to grow while improving the marketing strategies. Call Recordings enable you to get and analyze real-life occurrences within your business.

Endow utmost clarity to your callers with IVR Menus

Provide clear options to your clientele with IVR Menus. IVR Menus assists caller to get directed to the most accurate person by giving them a seamless IVR while calling. You can easily set up IVR menus with customized options as per requirements. One can even update the already installed IVR at required intervals. It offers multiple features that your business can value like geographic routing, sending automatic messages to callers, collecting caller’s information etc.

Leverage Call Barging to boost up your call center process

Boost your customer satisfaction with Call Barging – the easy to use tool that assist you managing a global support team while optimizing quality assurance, call center agent training and the overall performance of the call center.

Disconnect the unwanted calls immediately with Blacklist Caller

Blacklist Caller feature enables you to list all the unwanted phone numbers like bots, spam and other such numbers. It makes the call disconnect immediately the moment they reach your business. You can compile the numbers in your blacklist in seconds. Structuring a blacklist for your business will save you time & money and boost productivity without any hassle.

Ready to start tracking call data?