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Blacklist Caller to put such calls in the blacklist!
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Often, there are calls that you receive from spam numbers and want to block them. Blacklist caller feature is for such callers. The only situation where this feature won’t work will be for target or receiving numbers.

Instead of being routed normally, all the blocked callers will hear a busy signal or an error message when they try to call one of your tracking numbers. No charges will be incurred for these calls and no incoming calls will appear in your log.

Avoid wasting time on spammers with Blacklist Caller

Save your time and money with Auditcall’s Blacklist Caller feature. Some of its benefits are:

Real-Time Blacklist Creation

You can create your own blacklist and remove numbers from it anytime you want.

Save Time by Blocking Calls

A lot of your business time can be saved by blocking spam callers and persistent telemarketers.

No Charge for Blocking Inbound Calls

All the blocked calls will get immediately disconnected from your call center. A lot of money is saved when unwanted calls try to reach you.

Tap for the next call you want to block in your list

Accumulate all the blocked calls to ensure that all the spam callers are instantly viewed when they call your company.

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