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Call barging is a call center software that enables you to listen to all the live calls without the caller or any other agent knowing about it. It enables managers and supervisors to barge into the call and speak to both the parties – the caller and the agent. This feature is ideal for:
  • Optimizing quality assurance
  • Improving the performance of the call
  • Get better agent call training
Benefits of Call Barging
  • Enable managers, admins, and others to monitor then barge into live calls during important or emergency situations.
  • You can train new agents during a phone call.
  • Prevent Escalations and limitless call transfers by providing the answer on the spot.

Boost your customer satisfaction with Call Barging

Optimize quality assurance

Auditcall software allows you to listen to live calls for quality assurance purpose and then intervene in the calls to help the agents. It also improves customer satisfaction while resolving the issue without having the agent to transfer the call.

Reduce escalated calls

If an agent is struggling or a caller is wishing to speak to a manager, then you can quickly barge into a live call and resolve the issue. This process can help you reduce the escalated calls and further increase the first call resolution.

Manage remote agents

Managing and training a remote team is a tough job without call barging. This feature easily allows you to listen and Drop-in on live calls irrespective of the location of the customer. A segregated team can operate really well with such feature.

Train agents in an efficient manner

In order to train the agents efficiently, it is important that your managers should monitor live calls. They should also barge into the calls as and when required. This can give your team a sense of security and certainty from your side.

Provide VIP service

You can monitor the calls when some VIP callers get in touch with your company. If your agents struggle with the VIP customers, you can quickly tune in live and promote loyalty for your VIP customers.

Auditcall - Letting you deliver the most exceptional customer service

Increase First Call Resolution

Easily understand customer needs and further resolves their worries.

On-the-spot support

By providing answers on spot it prevents escalations and endless call transfers.

Close deals faster

Helps you make better business decisions based on the outcome of the calls and taking your business to another level.

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