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Call forwarding is a feature that enables a user to pass on the calls to another phone number when his/her incoming call is either not answered or not reachable within a specified number of rings. Auditcall makes this user-friendly software – call forwarding completely in your control.

From basic to complex needs, you can set up your account in minutes with Audit Call

You can choose from:

  • Forward calls to your mobile phone.
  • Forward calls to your office number.
  • Forward calls to group of people or in custom patterns.
  • Forward calls to different phone numbers in different locations.
  • Forward calls using our browser-based softphone.

The diverse ways to forward your calls

Forward calls based on your schedule

By using our easy-to-configure routing options, you can have full control over where the calls are going. With a proper schedule in place, all the incoming calls can be forwarded to the agents on their mobile phone, home or to their computer.

Forward Calls to Queues of People

You can choose from different routing patterns to forward your calls to group of people in your organization. Call queues basically allows you to forward your calls to large groups at call centers. You can also keep an eye on the phone to see who is available to take calls at any moment.

Forward Calls to 50+ Countries

With Audit Call, you can easily route calls to computer using our browser-based softphone. The numbers that we purchase can be easily forwarded to receive number globally. This process eliminates all the hassle of losing contact while forwarding calls easily to any location.

Forward Calls based on the numbers you have designated

You have location all around the country

You Display one number on your website

Audience use that number and enter in their zip

Calls routed to the closest location

Calls are in the right hands quickly

Assigned to the right agent in the respective location

Have a systematic call flow for customers without limiting your mobile work style

  • Call Recording
  • Transcriptions and Speech Analysis
  • IVR Menus
  • Virtual Voicemail

For every business, it is very critical that every phone call is answered. Call Forwarding helps you manage your calls and delivers increased performance.

Just after setting up the schedule, you can forward calls instantly in the right hands. Ranging from the quality of calls to customer satisfaction, using these insights can help you know what exactly is happening with your calls:

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