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Seamlessly direct your inbound calls into a queue

Call queues is an effective process to route calls using simple patterns ensuring that all your calls are getting into correct hands. Within a call queue, agents can answer the call by pressing a particular number and if the call is answered it won’t be available to other agents.

Cherish the variety of routing options with Call Queues

Call queues offers an assortment of routing options such as:
  • Simultaneous routing It allows you to dial to each agent present in the queue/group. The first agent to respond to the respective call gets the call directly.
  • Round robin It allows the calls to rotate evenly between each agent so that they all get the same number of calls.
  • Sequential dialing It lets each agent gets the calls in a defined and systematic order until someone picks it up.
  • Sticky routing It respected call routes back to the same agent who was first connected to the caller. This option is best for customer service and can establish great relationships.
  • Weighted routing It sets different bar for each of your agents to showcase their individual skill sets and capacity.

Why do you need a call queue?

To ring to multiple people.
To set a different ring tone.
Ringing multiple people fall back to voice menu.
Ringing person in the first set to whom agents cannot answer.

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