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To run any business successfully, it is very important to deliver the topmost customer satisfaction with enhanced performance of your staff. In this process, call recording plays a crucial role and helps you attain that.

If any issue arises, you will have a historical data with you of what actually happened. This can help you identify the latest trends in your calls and further train your staff to deal in the best way possible. With call recording, your staff can review their own calls so that they can come across the loopholes where adjustments are required. It also serves contact details for the caller and necessary information that someone has forgotten to write down or log in to the CRM.

Benefits you can reap with call recording
Call recordings are best for sales, management and training purposes. Each call that comes into your advertising tracking numbers can be recorded.
You can provide your management an insight of how they are handling calls and they can easily revisit problematic conversations from unhappy clients.
Managers can review the conversations helping them to handle the situation in a better way.
No call recordings ever expire so you can revisit the conversations happened in the past if needed.
The recordings can be easily e-mailed or texted to your team.
Natural language processing is used to produce higher quality transcriptions.

Easy call tracking and analytics

Improve your product/service using call recordings of your virtual numbers available in your inbox

What does Auditcall offer you?

Live Listen

As the name suggests, it can help you listen to live calls that are in process. This tool is amazing to keep a quality check on how your team is handling all the occurring calls. With the help of live listen feature, you can tune in live without interrupting either of the parties on the call.


You can securely record and store all the phone calls. By using two-factor authentication and encrypted storage, you can provide access to your call recordings to your clients.

Call Whispers

Call whispers play an important role in providing information to the callers as the call is being recorded or connected. Receiving call whispers can announce call recordings to the agents. It also acts as a great alert for the staff and informs them about the caller before they are connected.

Call recordings and notifications

Each of your recorded calls can be emailed or texted and it is the best to stay on top of the things while working remotely or traveling.


With this feature, you can read the script of the call instead to the recording. You can easily scan the contents and pick up issues that may have arisen.

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