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Call attribution stands as an eminent call tracking platform that correlates the details of individual marketing campaigns to phone calls. It allows you to track each call from your mobile and online advertising to easily comprehend the path of conversion from search keywords to phone calls.

The tracked phone calls derived from these sources can help in better understanding of customer behavior.

Use Call attribution Models to enhance your business operations

First touch attribution

First touch attribution will allow you to ‘cookie’ the website. If a visitor comes to your website by clicking a Facebook ad, they will be cookied to see a Facebook paid tracking number for 30 days on your site. If at first go the call was not initiated by the visitor and they come back again to your website through another source (like Google Organic search listing), they will continue to see your Facebook paid tracking number.

Last touch attribution

Last touch attribution will allow you to cookie the visitor to the most recent mode via which they came to your website and will further show a tracking number associated with that channel. If we will follow the above method again, which is the visitor re-visited the website through Google organic listing, then the phone call will be attributed to the source of Google Organic.

Set up Call Attribution to start tracking campaigns that are deriving the most calls and conversions

Form Tracking

It instantly sends call prospects and leads to your phone. This can be beneficial to you by reducing the time and increasing conversions.

Local Swap

This feature displays the correct phone number to every visitor on the website. It can also swap numbers dynamically on your dependable source of traffic.

Campaign-Level Call Tracking

Under this tracking from both online and offline campaigns are included: Digital marketing, radio, TV, direct mail, paid searches and much more.

Multi-Channel Call Attribution

At times, the first and last clicks do not display the whole story, so it helps to see the digital marketing campaigns that lead up to each phone call derived.

Dynamic Number Insertion

It basically integrates call tracking into your website with the help of a unique phone number like Google Ad words, Facebook or any other website.

Keyword-Level Tracking

It helps to correlate the calls to visitors and discover by which keyword phone calls are derived. You can also see the full visitor path, before and after the call.

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