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A prospective customer platform to search & perceive your ads while tracking its performance.

It is the process of placing a small piece of code in your respective ad in order to record the movement of the visitors. These recorded data from sources can be used to figure out what aspects of your advertising and website design is working and what are not.

Benefits you reap with Conversion Tracking

Along with providing you a reliable and accurate way to track the effectiveness of phone and offline conversions, it also allows you to:

Better manage phone calls driven by PPC
Track calls back to specific keywords and campaign
Easily manage your paid search ROI
Helps in making better-optimized decisions based on phone call conversion data

Purpose: See how effectively your ad clicks lead to valuable customer activity

The main aim of conversion tracking is to know the success rate of your business operations. It can also be used to track the number of other actions like:

Submission of E-mail addresses
Goal page
Any event can be tracked to know the success of the campaign

Track which ads and representatives are leading to sales conversions

Track conversions and sales for each call

A simple browser-based call log interface is used by agents to enter the conversions or it is done through the phone using a post-call survey as soon as the call is completed.

Use of scoring and tagging to classify calls

To easily track the quality of the call lead by different channel agents use the call log interface to score calls using a start system.

Diverting calls into Google Analytics and AdWords

Each time the call comes, it is directly connected to AdWords and Analytic by using our integration. It is further associated to correct campaigns and keywords.

Conversion analytics pattern

Our conversion analytic engine is used to analyze your call transcriptions so that it becomes easy to identify the presence of some particular keywords and pattern.

View the complete picture with ROI Reporting

With our ROI reporting, all your performance is brought at one place and showcase the precise picture of how your agents and advertising channels are performing.

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