Dynamic Number Insertion

Measure the significance of digital efforts on inbound phone calls

With Dynamic Number Insertion understand who your client is!

Dynamic number insertion is a call tracking feature that allocates a unique number to each online source. It further showcases that phone number to the visitors who have visited your website via that specific source. It’s basically a strategy that is frequently used to measure the impact of digital marketing on different inbound calls. DNI can also be used to display a particular number of potential callers in a précised geographic location.

How does Dynamic Number Insertion work?

DNI enables you to dynamically replace your site’s number with a local number.

Benefits you can reap with Dynamic Number Insertion

  • You are able to track calls precisely and in real-time.
  • Track the number of calls generated by a specific website.
  • Your marketing efforts are more accurately measured and tracked.
  • Collect specific data about the person calling.
  • Able to collect rich data which can target market initiatives for better results to drive sales.
  • Able to target web prospects with utmost specificity.

Ready to start tracking call data?