Integrate call tracking data with your analytics services

Google Analytics

View your calls right in Google Analytics and analyze them in conjunction with your website data. Auditcall sends all inbound calls into Google Analytics as events with the website visitor detail attached. Don’t want all calls to go into Analytics? No problem. We can send calls based on tracking number or tracking source, receiving number, key press, or send only calls with website visitor detail.

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Offline Conversion Import allows Bing advertisers with offline sales from online leads to connect their conversions back to the original search ads that users interacted with along the way. This helps advertisers build a more complete view of their campaign impact across both online and offline channels.

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Google Marketing Platform

The Auditcall integration with Google Marketing Suite allows you to send call data to your Google Marketing platform, so that you can see call conversions along with your other Google Marketing reporting.

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Kissmetrics works by pooling your online data with your offline data to reveal every touchpoint a visitor has with your company, both before and after each purchase. Additionally, get the ROI of your marketing efforts by monitoring various pre-defined reports about your audience segments.

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