Integrate call tracking data with marketing software products to optimize performance
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This integration allows Facebook advertisers with offline leads and sales from facebook ads to connect their conversions back to the original ads that users interacted with along the way. This helps advertisers build a more complete view of their campaign by viewing Auditcall activities in conjunction with Facebook reporting to optimize audience targeting and ad spend.

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Google Ads

Combining Auditcall and Google Ads allows marketers to track and attribute phone calls as conversions in Ads up to 90 days after the click took place. This ensures that credit is received and attributed for every call generated from Ads marketing efforts, while at the same time adding an extra layer of tracking.

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One of the leading marketing automation services, Marketo streamlines the workflow required to create, manage and optimize campaigns across publishers and segments, providing reduction in time spent on campaign management. It’s used by thousands of businesses around the world.

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Auditcall integration with WordPress allows businesses to easily enabledynamic number insertion (DNI) on their website and see call data alongside the other metrics they watch in their WordPress dashboard.

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