In-depth call data analysis

To give you detailed analysis of your successful campaigns & their conversions
Work the smart way with Call Reporting

Get in-depth details on every call that turns in while knowing which campaigns are performing well for your business. Call Reporting assists you in making smarter decisions by enlightening you on what makes the most conversions and what drives the leads in.

Comprehensive analysis on every call that drops in!

Get comprehensive analysis of your call data which let you seamlessly analyze the source, page, keyword, date, and more. Choose the type of call tracking to view multiple reports at the same time.

Real-time agent reports

Gift the power of real-time reporting to your agents. Real time agent reports will allow your agents to prepare beforehand on what campaign led to the respective call. It further gives them the access to recordings of previous calls, agent notes, and demographic information.

With this feature, managers can optimize their call handling as they get systematically designed management reports having all the relevant call data at one go. These reports are exportable, filterable, and schedulable so managers get the information they need on time.

Call Notifications

Call Notifications allow you to get in touch with all the activities taking place with instant alerts. You get auto alerts having the important details from a call, text or form. Have utmost flexibility to choose the schedule that works best for you - after each call, daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can also choose on the details which you want to know about - missed calls, long calls, or calls grounded on your keyword spotting rules. Prioritize the information which you need alerts on and the people who these alerts should be sent to.

Call Tracking reports

Call tracking reports to let you manage the performance of your marketing campaigns and call center in one place. Incorporating the tracking numbers with the ads will make you dynamically add it on your website too. This will allow you to detect individual calls immediately as they turn in.

It will allow you to get a variety of reports on each call where you can observe and analyze the call data & its performance. This way call tracking reports enable you to make significant advertising optimization decisions and resource distribution decisions for your business.

Import export reports

Make your call reports travel to the system you want. Export and import your call log data and reports seamlessly through emails or FTP transfers. Make your data transfer as per your business needs using custom tools.

Reports which are to be exported or imported can be filtered by data range, tracking source, tracking number, duration and more of such custom features.

Ready to start tracking call data?