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Notifications like automatic emails or text messages are triggered by your calls and other feedback form completions so that you can stay intact with your performance. If you want to know about any call that has taken place, you will be notified via emails and text messages. They are alerts that can be immediately sent after a call based on a regular time-frame.

Some of the commonly used notifications are:

  • Missed calls
  • Form submission alerts
  • Tracking source alerts
  • Regular call volume reports
  • Voicemails
  • Time-specific agent reports

Areas where notification setup page is distributed

General: Basic setting for notifications
Recipients: Who will be notified
Information: Select what call data you’d like to include in the notification
Conditions: Configures under what conditions should the notification sent
Testing: See a sample notification against a past phone call
Preview: Preview your saved notification

Notifications that keep you instantly updated about call tracking program

These notifications can be sent on a weekly or monthly basis. They are very flexible and help you enhance the overall workflow. It can help you in diverse areas:

  • It is for all those managers who want to get notified each time a call goes unanswered so that it is easy to follow up. Many agencies use this feature to directly keep the clients informed and know about the campaign performance.
  • You can choose situations where you wish to get notified. Along with this, you can also select who and when you should get these notifications.
  • In business, every phone call is very important, therefore these notifications help to measure advertising ROI and it works as an alert system to measure the call performance.

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