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You can view each call on your websites after placing your tracking numbers in your ads. You can also monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns so that it is easy for you to maximize towards conversions.

Each call tracking report shows you:

  • Conversions
  • Calls taken by each agent
  • Calls missed by each agent
  • Average score calls
  • Agent productivity across the day
  • Outbound and inbound calls handled by each agent

What benefits do you get from Call Tracking Reports?

Real-Time Call Log

A soon as you get a call, it will display in your call log. You will know all the details about the received call along with the routing information for the call. Also, by adding Caller Insights to your account you can know about household income, address, education level and much more. When your agents are already on the call they can enter notes and score ratings without exiting the call log.

Conversion Tracking

With Conversion Tracking, you can associate ratings and call quality back to the right advertising channel and agent. At any time, you can view the recordings, conversion information and transcriptions. This performance management tool is amazing for managers. With each call you will get to know:
Caller name
Phone number
Advertising channel
The ad that led to the call
Keywords used by the caller
Pages they viewed on your website

What is Call Tracking features?

  • Campaign Comparison: With this feature, you can allocate a unique number which makes it easy for you to trace the incoming calls.
  • Web Metrics : One can receive instantaneous feedback on what is happening online such as SEO, Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo!, PPC and social media.
  • Time and Day: Calls are reported per month, day and year. The length of each call is tracked and reported.
  • Geo Map tracking: This feature provides graphical location of the incoming call.
  • Missed calls : This feature can record that how many calls are missed when the line was busy or the calls were left unanswered.
  • Answering Location: You can see where are your calls are being answered in your company.
  • Information Delivery: Data can be filtered and presented in reports and presentations.

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