Import Export Reports

Easily migrate reports from one system to another!
Import and Export data all at once

All your call log data and reports can be easily exported and imported via mails or via FTP. Imports/exports reports can be filtered by data range, tracking source, tracking number, duration and more which you can select from the fields that are included in the exported file.

Why choose this feature in your business?

  • Invoke an existing report
  • Export the report results
  • Query and find reports by name
  • Export a report definition to a file
  • Import a report definition from a file

Why to use Import Export Reports?

Auditcall import and export the call log files and reports as per your business needs using easy tools. Here are few reasons why you should include this feature:

Easy to set up and use
Unparalleled security and reliability
Prices for small businesses

What is the procedure?

Follow these easy steps to import and export reports from one system to another:

  • From call log you can select the export button.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Run Export Now.
  • Select your export method from the drop-down.
  • Enter your search term in the Search field.
  • Select and apply your desired filters.
  • Use the Export format drop-down.
  • Click on field names to remove or include theme as needed.
  • Always remember your export options.
  • Finally click on Run export now.
  • Then in the formatting section, select your desired phone number and timestamp format.

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