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With Auditcall’s reporting dashboards, you can very easily manage both agent and team performance. You can keep an eye on metrics to analyze the duration of time spent on agent status and average performance. This feature helps you to identify the most hardworking agents and those who need guidance in order to optimize the team performance.

What Auditcall as a platform brings for you?

Ring Group Metrics

Auditcall allows you to monitor metrics for groups or agents. You simply need to select the ring group from the drop-down menu and Auditcall will help you to display all the data listed in that ring group. This feature makes it easy to analyze the performance of agents as well as different groups.

Agent Reporting Metrics

These are few metrics that are displayed to each individual agent:

  • Total calls
  • Total duration
  • Average speed to answer
  • Total inbound calls
  • Answered calls
  • Total outbound calls

By using each of these metrics you can access the performance of your agent. It also gives data-driven feedback to your individuals.

Agent Status Metrics

It helps you to view the status of the agent on the reporting dashboard. You can use this feature to monitor how much time your team spends “Available” on:

  • Breaks
  • Training
  • Calls
  • Offline

Easily manage and identify time management inefficiencies.

What does business get with the agents’ call reports?

Auditcall reporting agents will provide you with a live dashboard view in your current activity. You will be able to analyze current call volume and monitor what your agents are doing to stay updated on their performance. The reporting agents will show you:

  • Conversions (dollar and quantity) by agent
  • Calls are taken by the agent
  • Calls missed by agent
  • The average score of calls by agent
  • Agents available, unavailable, busy, or in custom statuses
  • Outbound and inbound calls handled by an agent
  • Calls missed, answered, or busy

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