Text Messaging

Allocate your advertising dollars effectively with Text Messaging

Change how your business communicates with text messaging

Text messaging today can be a faster method of communication for various products and advertising channels. It is most useful in newspapers, radio and magazines. Auditcall brings to you the call tracking software with which it becomes easy for you to track all the text communication along with your advertising call tracking.

Text messaging is very important for your business to engage more people and further grow your business. With Auditcall, you can attain some important reporting and tracking features to help agencies gain a complete visibility into the campaign performance.

What is the procedure?

The advertisement says "Text us at 123-4567 if you would like to schedule a showing."

Text message received in CTM real-time text log.

Automatic response sent to sender confirming receipt and next steps.

You receive instant text alert about the inquiry so you can wow them with follow-through.

What all can Auditcall provide you with?

All your text messages and business communication is reported and tracked in Auditcall. You can choose to set up the variety of automatic actions such as:

  • You can send the automatic email alerting recipients about the text.
  • You can forward the text message to other cell phones.
  • You can send an automatic text response to the sender.
Other benefits you can reap!

Auditcall also provides bulk messages which includes:

The ability to send recurring bulk text messages
Setting triggers to any upcoming bulk message campaign
Scheduling texts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
The ability to send up to 800 characters at a time

Ready to start tracking call data?